3 Big Things You Can Do To Make Your Kitchen Feel Bigger

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“How Do I Make My Kitchen Feel Bigger?”

We receive this question time and time again from Richmond homeowners. Just because your kitchen is small doesn’t mean it has to feel that way. 

Our team relies on our experience to find creative solutions for small kitchen remodels. There are a lot of immediate, small ways that you can make your kitchen feel bigger, including painting kitchen cabinets, updating your light fixtures, keeping the counters clutter-free and taking off the unnecessary magnets from the front of your fridge. 

But what about larger and more impactful ways to make your kitchen feel bigger for the long-term? We’re sharing our top three things you can do to make your kitchen feel bigger: 


Light & Bright To Make Your Kitchen Feel Bigger 

All white kitchens are a timeless, classic look and for good reason! Not only are they crisp and clean, but they absolutely make your kitchen feel bigger. With white cabinets, all white tile, and white paint, the result is a feeling of wide, open space. A monochromatic color scheme allows the eye to adjust to one large space versus being broken up into smaller sections. 

An additional way to make your kitchen feel even larger is to bring in natural light – like this kitchen remodel in Richmond, VA pictured above. Having large windows that allow in plenty of sunlight helps to make a kitchen feel bigger. With the final touches of gorgeous, clear light fixtures, this kitchen definitely maximizes the available space and creates the impression of a larger room. 

If you have a small kitchen floorplan and you want to make the most out of your kitchen remodel consider white cabinets, and lots of natural light.


Use Vertical Space 

Small kitchens might have a limited horizontal footprint, but they likely have the same vertical space as larger kitchens. So why not take advantage of the unused vertical space? Consider adding kitchen cabinetry that intentionally goes all the way to your ceiling. Not only will the higher cabinetry draw the eye upward, creating an illusion of a bigger space, but the additional storage is great! Having kitchen backsplash tile that goes up to the ceiling also keeps the flow of the room continual and helps make your kitchen look much bigger. 

Open Shelving or Glass Kitchen Cabinets

When planning your kitchen remodel, another tip to make the space appear bigger is to install either (or both) open shelving or glass kitchen cabinet doors. It’s simply another way to trick the eye into seeing further, or through your shelves to create a feeling of a larger kitchen! Also, having open shelving and glass fronted cabinet doors allows for light to bounce off and throughout your kitchen, rather than all solid doors which can make your kitchen feel a little closed off.

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One final pro trip from one of our designers and project managers, Chrissy: “Keep the floors as a continuous flow to make the kitchen appear bigger by not breaking up the space.” Meaning, if you have hardwood throughout your first floor, consider sticking to that in your kitchen instead of switching to tile. 

Are you wanting a larger kitchen but don’t have the footprint to expand into another room or add on with an addition? Our talented team of designers can help. We love finding creative solutions to help you love your home again. Contact us at Hello@FablingBuilt.com to start your kitchen remodel conversation.