5 Attic Renovation Ideas

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Have you ever wondered: “How can I increase space in my house?” We hear this question time and time again from Richmond homeowners. Finishing an attic is a great way to get more use out of your home. If you already have the potential square footage, why not make the most of it?

When you’re ready to embark on your attic renovation, having Richmond’s best general contractor, Fabling Built, by your side can make the remodeling process a smooth one.

Before jumping into an attic renovation there are a couple of things to consider:

  1. Ceiling Height: Renovating your attic space will require some thoughtful ingenuity and knowledge of local building and safety codes. Make sure to consider a minimal ceiling height of about seven feet in at least half of the space.
  2. Flooring: Make sure the flooring is sturdy enough to withstand the weight of individuals and furniture you plan to use in the space. We may need to bring in an engineer early on in the project to make sure that we can proceed with the renovation without any issues.
  3. Insulation: New insulation will need to be added in order to make the space more comfortable, and to meet building code requirements. Foam insulation is often recommended, despite a higher cost compared to fiberglass insulation, because it often performs and uses less space, which is critical in attic renovations.
  4. Rafters and trusses: Rafters make attic remodels a step easier as the larger A-frames leave ample space for movement. Trusses – which is usually a series of smaller wood triangles – would need to be modified, which requires consulting a structural engineer.  .
  5. Temperature control: We usually recommend setting up a specific heating and cooling zone for your attic, which includes installing the attic’s own thermostat to better control temperature compared to the rest of the house. The addition of a ceiling fan and windows can also help with some more natural circulation.
  6. Attic bathrooms: Adding a bathroom to your attic is possible. We will suggest a location for the bathroom that is near existing bathrooms or the kitchen in your home to simplify the plumbing changes by connecting to the existing system.
  7. Lighting: Consider how much natural light you will want in your attic renovation. Fabling Built can add dormers, skylights, and windows to provide more natural light in your new space. We also often use recessed lights to bring as much light into the space, without taking up any precious overhead space.

After you’ve taken the items above into account, you can get started on planning your attic renovation. Here are five excellent ways to expand your home with an attic remodel.

Renovate Your Attic into a Bedroom

Is your oldest child moving back in after college? Or maybe your family is growing? Turning your attic into a bedroom is a great option for multi-generational living or growing families. It’s also a great place in your home to add a master suite. As we mentioned earlier, consult with a general contractor about the overall layout and floor plan that you desire to ensure bathroom plumbing, ceiling height, etc. will not be an issue.

Convert Unused Space Into A Walk-In Closet

Are you craving additional closet space? Maybe your current set-up in your master suite just isn’t giving you enough space. Or, maybe you just want the beautiful, well-organized walk-in closet of your dreams. an attic can be remodeled to accommodate your growing wardrobe to include shoes, clothes and accessories!

Turn Your Attic Into a Home Gym

Instead of traveling to your gym every day, what if you just had to walk up a set of stairs? Not bad! Your attic could be a great place to turn into the home gym or yoga studio you’ve always wanted. Be sure the floor joists are equipped to handle heavy loads as workout equipment adds a lot more weight than attics are usually built to withstand.

From Attic Space to Office Space

Sometimes all you need to finish that assignment is to get away for a little bit. Converting your attic into an office space might be just the ticket to optimizing your new “work from home” life. Renovate your attic to fit a desk and some bookshelves. 

A dormer is an ideal spot for desk placement or use the area as a reading nook. Install recessed lighting to save space from bulky ceiling fixtures. Ideally, a window or skylight would add much needed natural light in the room. You can also consider custom built-ins to make the best use of the A-frame spaces.

Attic Bonus Room

Finishing your attic to be a bonus room is a great way to add value to your home. Once finished, it can be reimagined into many different things like a game room, movie theater, music studio, art studio, playroom, or simply for more organized, easy-to-access storage. Bring up your board games, a foosball table, and set up a projector in one corner and your home’s attic could be your neighborhood’s next favorite hang out space. 

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