5 Fabulous Kitchen Appliances and Features Of The Future

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Part of our process to perfectly designing your dream kitchen is to ask how you use your kitchen and how you use your kitchen appliances? Are you a take-out kind of family, the home the neighbors flock to on weekends, a family who eats home-cooked meals every night, or all of the above? Whatever your lifestyle may be, your kitchen appliances can work for you and make your routine better and more efficient. 

Your Richmond kitchen contractor, Fabling Built, is here to share five futuristic kitchen appliances and features you may want to consider for your kitchen remodel. If you can dream it, the option is out there!

1. Voice-Command Oven

They say you should never grocery shop hungry, because an empty stomach can fuel your appetite while depleting your wallet.  Sometimes, we cannot help it, though.  Imagine leaving the grocery store with great anticipation and a cart full of yummy items; you feel like you cannot get home fast enough and start snacking in the car.  But wait!  Now, with voice-command appliances, you can connect with your cell phone and ask Google Home, Amazon Alexa, or Nest, whichever cloud-based connectivity your home has, to preheat your oven to 400-degrees.  By the time you arrive home and do a little prep work, your oven will be ready, saving time and maximizing efficiency.    

Other voice-command connective technologies enable you to prompt an action without touching a thing too – whether from the couch, on the road, office, or almost anywhere.  Adjust temperatures; peek inside your refrigerator with a camera – which is also helpful while at the store; pull up a recipe on the front screen of a refrigerator; turn on the dishwasher from the bedroom; and control and manage the smart appliances you choose to make your kitchen work seamlessly for you.   

2. Touchless Kitchen Faucet 

Do you know which kitchen gadget you use the most? You may think it is the refrigerator, given how many times a day you need to remind your children not to stand in front of it with the doors swung wide open. But you may be surprised to know, it’s the kitchen faucet! On average, the kitchen faucet is used between ten and thirty times a day. So, you will want to ensure style, functionality, placement, and ease-of-use when making a selection.

If you cook or bake frequently, or have young children, a touchless faucet is a must-have. (Actually, it’s a must-have for practically everyone!) It is effortless to clean, helps prevent the spread of germs, maintains water temperature, and is so easy and convenient to use. Imagine not having to touch your faucet with messy hands from kneading bread dough or preparing raw meat. If you are passionate about baking where precise measurements are essential, you may even want to consider a voice-activated faucet where the technology provides precision in measuring water and custom commands to help make cooking more well-organized.  

3. Digital Command-Center Refrigerator

Picking a refrigerator can be challenging. Basic styles include side-by-side with narrow refrigerator and freezer doors next to each other; classic wider single-door with freezer on top or bottom; and French-door style.  When selecting a refrigerator style, it is important to understand how much room is available to open the door or doors, and plan the cabinet layout properly. Obviously, a single door requires more space to fully open, between the front of the refrigerator and island.

Bottom-freezers, like the French-door model, feature the most-used compartments at eye level and two narrow doors side-by-side. But when open, it offers access to wide shelves rather than narrow. The most-used food compartments typically are used five to six times more a day than the freezer, and it is hard to fit a family-size pizza in the narrow side-by-side full-length version.  However, the side-by-side offers superior organization and is not as deep, which makes it easier to design around. Again, ask yourself how you and your family use your refrigerator and what you store in it. 

Now that you have decided on the style, it is time to consider the bells and whistles. If you love the idea of a voice-command oven, you will also want to think about a refrigerator with a digital command center. Some brands now offer connective technologies to let you see inside your refrigerator without opening the door and from outside your home; pull up recipes and cooking videos; stream music, manage your family’s calendars, see who is at the front door, change temperatures, schedule hot water for morning coffee in hot water models, receive notifications like the refrigerator door is open, and much more depending on the brand of kitchen appliance, the app associated with it, and your handheld device. There is a lot of innovation that is getting packed in this one appliance, so selecting this will require some consideration.

4. Go Touch-less 

If you love to roll-up your sleeves and dive into preparing culinary cuisine, with or without your children, you know you risk leaving a fingerprint on everything you touch no matter how hard you try to contain the fun. As with the touchless faucet, push-to-open doors enable you to access drawer, cabinets, and pantry cupboard contents by gently pushing against it with your knee or elbow – keep it mess and germ-free.  Some refrigerators, freezers, and dishwashers also provide such a convenient feature.

Additionally, motion-detected products like soap dispensers, paper towel racks, and garbage cans help you simplify everyday cooking routines and enable you to focus on enjoying your love of cooking, instead of worrying about washing your hands and cleaning up in between each step because you touched something other than the food.  Hands-free is simple, convenient, clean, affordable, and should be considered in your dream kitchen remodel.  

5. Hidden Electric Outlets

While not necessarily a kitchen appliance, this feature is too cool not to mention. Pop up outlets add power and data connectivity without sacrificing aesthetics. When not in use, the retractable pop-up or pop-down electrical outlet sinks back into the countertop or cabinet for a clean, seamless look. Keep your kitchen backsplash beautiful and free of outlets with this cool feature! In the meantime, you can also make your outlets more functional by simply adding outlets that feature USB ports to plug in your other hand-held tech. 

Kitchen Remodeling in Richmond, Virginia

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