5 Home Addition Ideas to Increase Square Footage

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Watching the outside world from inside our homes has many of us pondering what work, school, and socializing will look like in the future. Now, more than ever before, homeowners are contemplating home additions to increase usable square footage to help us adjust to working from home, homes/remote schooling, staying in shape, and getting together with plenty of space to social distance. Your Richmond general contractor, Fabling Built, is here to share five home addition ideas you can add to your home to increase the square footage. 

Home Office Addition

Are you one of the many homeowners who transformed your formal dining room table into a multi-work station for yourself and your children? The need for work from home space was sprung on us, and while many of us made do with what we had, our make-shift work zones are not long-term solutions for a functioning home office or homework study. To make the most of working from home, choose a general contractor who can help you create your remote workspace and home office addition to be a dedicated workspace designed for exactly what you need.

Fabling Built understands it is essential to have enough space for a fully-functioning desk and comfortable chair (NOT the breakfast bar stool); a door for private conversations free of children and other background distractions during a Zoom conference call; and an abundance of natural light if possible and fresh air and the feeling of being separate from your ‘home’ while in a productive work environment.  A methodical approach to designing a home office addition will also help you disconnect from work when you sign off for the day and leave the door closed behind you, even if just a few feet down the hall.  

Room Over the Garage Addition

Building an apartment or extra living space over the garage for additional square footage, independence, and privacy can be an ideal solution to accommodate grown children returning home to live; in-laws or guests who can manage stairs; or college-bound students deferring start-dates due to current uncertainties. When designing your addition for separate living quarters, consider adding a separate entrance, private full bathroom, kitchenette, and even a sitting area next to the bedroom for work/study space or socializing.

With the foundation already in place, an attic build-out or a room over the garage offers a great potential additional living area.  If space is limited, Fabling Built suggests considering dreamy dormers to create nooks to tuck away a dresser, desk, chair, or bookcase and also add depths to the room both inside and outside.  Fabling Built will work with you to prioritize design and privacy for all, without sacrificing either.  It is important to work with a general contractor who understands that one of the biggest goals of multigenerational living is understanding and respecting how critical privacy is to everyone.    

Sunroom or Four-Seasons Porch Addition

With families spending less time commuting to work, school, sports, and socials, and more time together, we often need space to spread out, rejuvenate, and meditate to regain our inner peace, energy, and independence. Working with a general contractor for your sunroom addition or four-seasons porch will ensure it is tailored to your specific needs.  Fabling Built will make sure it provides a solution to your lifestyle desires and is anything but generic.  Would you like to relax with a cool breeze and without pesky mosquitoes in a floor-to-ceiling screened-in porch?  Or, opt for no nose-tickling pollen in a floor-to-ceiling wall of windows with a four-seasons sunroom where you can work out on a treadmill, stretch out for yoga, or curl up and escape in a book.


Kitchen Bump Out Addition

A bump out addition is an addition that extends a wall or multiple walls without creating a whole new room. It’s bumping out the space that already exists in order to enlarge the room. A kitchen bump out does just that for the kitchen. 

We understand living and working together 24/7, as of late, has created some new beneficial practices and routines, ranging from gathering nightly for family dinners to organizing clutter in order to function better together.  Through the process of adapting to life’s changes, homeowners are realizing a bump out, or a modest kitchen expansion would ease the stresses of a small kitchen. 

Fabling Built will help determine how best to design your custom kitchen floor plan for your specific use.   

Master Suite Addition

Oh, how sweet is a master suite addition. Comfort and convenience is a priority when creating such a private sanctuary inside your home. In comparison to a bedroom addition, a master suite addition includes one (or two) walk-in closets; a master bathroom with a large shower, a soaking tub, and dual vanities; plenty of natural light to soak in the rays; and a sitting area between the dressing and bedroom zones to enjoy a morning cup of coffee. The design of a master suite responds to your needs and space to get ready for the day, unwind in the evening, and relax before bed.

Adding A Home Addition in Richmond Virginia 

Choosing the right design build firm in Richmond is vital in the process of any home addition.  What is design build and why is this necessary for your home addition? You can learn more about design build here. 

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