5 Home Improvements To Tackle As The Kids Go Back To School

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Back To School, Back To Loving Your Home Again

While some days it feels like summer will last forever, other days it just flies by! So as the kids go back to school, we want to share some home improvement ideas that you can tackle with or without the kids at home! 

Organize The Mudroom

Those of us with kids know the amount of traffic a mudroom can get — especially over the summer months. Wet towels, muddy flip flops, and possibly, backpacks from the end of last school year still waiting to be cleaned out…sound familiar? If so, get to work and really clean and organize your mudroom. Having a streamlined system for hanging coats and bags, storing shoes, and reminding the kids how to be responsible for their things will help to start the new school year off right. 

If you don’t have a mudroom, but still need a place to organize family items, we can help! Depending on the amount of space you have and your budget, we can still provide multiple options to streamline your space. Whether we add some paint, trim and coat hooks to create an identified landing zone, or design and build a full-out, custom, built-in hall tree. We can help make sure your family knows exactly where their backpack and jacket goes. All you have to do is train them to put them there!

Deep Clean The House

If you truly love to clean, then hats off to you! Even if you don’t, it’s still a good idea to consider doing a deep clean of your house during the last few weeks of summer. Open the windows to let in fresh air (and air out any rooms that have felt a bit stuffy) PLUS get the kids involved with the process: hands-on, practical, dirty work isn’t always fun, but seeing the sparkling results are definitely gratifying (and might earn them an extra ice cream!). 

Add A Homework Nook

Is it distracting for your kids to do their homework at the kitchen table? An organized, designated area can help them start and finish this daily task! Consider looking at an unused space as an opportunity to create a quiet oasis for them to be able to concentrate on their work. A homework nook off of the kitchen or another space, or adding a desk to their bedroom or in the basement are perfect ways to help them focus.  Top off the space with a built-in with USB plugins for their tablet, decorated containers for organization (a fun DIY), calming paint colors, and focused lighting. Your kids will be looking forward to doing their homework in no time!  

Touch Up Your Home’s Exterior

The end of summer is a great time to take advantage of the weather and work on your home’s curb appeal. Powerwash your house and you will be amazed at the immediate difference. Bring in a painter to do any siding touch-ups, or bring in an expert to seal your deck. Taking care of these items now will ensure that the seasonal weather won’t hinder you from accomplishing them later. 

Add Some Space or Reconfigure Your Floor Plan

As our own kids go back to school, it reminds us that our families are growing. The kids are getting older and the needs in our homes are changing from year to year and these questions always pop up. Is there a room in your home that isn’t serving you and your family anymore? Can you tell the age of your home by the food stains on the kitchen countertops or that sexy 90’s tile backsplash? Has your tween outgrown that adorable Paw Patrol motif in their bathroom? Or, are you just longing for your own quiet spa retreat to hide from the kids? 

As your family grows and the needs change, sometimes your home needs to grow too! Our design/build team can help walk you through the process of building an addition to your home. This can include enlarging the kitchen or family room, adding a sunroom or screened porch, or building that first-floor master bedroom suite you’ve always dreamed about. 

Alternatively, you would be surprised how much we can do without adding square footage. There is a lot we can do to redesign the existing space to better fit your families needs. We can take a look at finishing the unfinished areas, like your attic, basement, or garage. We can give some walls in your home the Chip and Joanna treatment, or even just add some windows in a dark room. One of the biggest impacts we can bring to a home is to redesign the kitchen to flow with your family. As one of the most used rooms in your home, this will dramatically improve the way your family utilizes the space.

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