6 Big Ideas For Remodeling Small Bathrooms in Richmond

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6 Big Ideas For Remodeling Small Bathrooms in Richmond 

Does your Richmond, VA home have a small bathroom (or two) that’s in need of an update? It’s so common to see small, unique bathrooms in RVA. If your bathroom is small and you aren’t able to expand your footprint, you may feel stuck and wonder what’s the best way to get the most out of your space. 

We’ve been told we’re experts in finding creative solutions for any small bathroom remodel. We partner with some of the best home improvement experts in Richmond to deliver bathroom remodels- big or small- that work well for you. Fabling Built was inspired by Pro Source Wholesale’s ideas for small bathroom remodeling, and we’ve also got some of our own to share with you: 

Small Bathroom Remodel With Spacious Showers 

While it’s nice to have at least one bathtub in your home (for bathing small children, pets, etc.) it’s not necessary to have one in a small bathroom. We have found that converting a bathtub to a shower can really open up the space. Installing a spacious shower with large pans and beautiful, mosaic tile is a great way to utilize your small bathroom space. With built-in seating and storage options for soaps, shampoos, and accessories, a shower is a good way to create more space in your small bathroom remodel. 

If you love your bathtub and can’t imagine life without it, you can look for an unused corner in your master bathroom to add/keep your tub. Our team of designers is always willing to get creative and find the best solution for you. For this bathroom remodel in Richmond we added the tub to the corner to maximize space. 

Wall-Hung Sinks

Much like floating shelves, a wall-hung sink appears perched against a wall. By doing this versus a typical vanity, you save a good deal of space around the sink. 

We’ve found that a wall hung sink is a great balance between a bathroom vanity and a pedestal sink. A bathroom vanity can be large and bulky, making the bathroom feel smaller, whereas a pedestal sink is a great space saver but it doesn’t offer any storage. 

You can also consider doing a wall-hung toilet to save room – in the end, both these updates in your small bathroom remodel not only save space but also make cleaning a lot more efficient. 


Mirrors can be really expensive, and we have found that finding the perfect one can be a challenge! One way that we have solved this: install wood trim around a frameless mirror. That way we can paint or stain the wood any color you want to match your style.

Aside from having large, functional mirrors in your bathroom you can add multiple mirrors to create the appearance of depth. Consider setting up a collage of small mirrors and other wall decor, such as photos. You don’t have to have one large standard mirror in your master bathroom – there are so many other choices! Sometimes it’s even better to do two single mirrors instead of one large mirror. Consider going to Hobby Lobby or Home Goods instead of a bathroom shop to find mirrors that will add some flare to your bathroom. 

Pro tip: make sure you check and see what your mirror will be reflecting before you hang it as this will greatly impact the room!

Natural Light 

If you’ve got a window in your bathroom, keep it! We agree that having natural light, as much as possible, makes any room feel larger and more comfortable. If you can, allow the light in by using larger shades versus blinds or installing a glass block window, which allows in light at all times but also provides the privacy that is necessary. We love the idea that ProSource shared about installing a skylight – if your Richmond, VA small bathroom remodel would allow it, we highly recommend it! 

Sliding Shower Door or Shower Curtain

Nothing takes up more room than a swinging door in a small bathroom. We sometimes recommend installing a sliding glass shower door instead of a swinging door – it takes up so much less room and floor space. The other option would be to use a shower curtain, we’ve even mounted shower curtains from the ceiling in RVA homes. Consider a shower curtain that is in a complementary shade to your bathroom wall color. Don’t choose the same color as your walls as that will make your bathroom look smaller. We know this option doesn’t work for everyone, but for some RVA homeowners this has been a game changer.

Extended Bathroom Counter

Another great way to make your small bathroom appear bigger is to install a longer (but less deep) countertop that extends overtop the back of your toilet. This gives you more counter space as it essentially uses up space that would otherwise be unused (it can be hard to put items on the back of a toilet and expect them to stay in place). Our small bathroom remodel experts love the idea of using space more effectively. 

Richmond, VA’s Best Bathroom Remodeling Contractors

Fabling Built is your trusted bathroom contractor in Richmond, VA – and we know what it’s like to remodel small bathrooms. Using these ideas and others we’ve gathered, why wait to discover what your small bathroom remodel could look like? Contact us at Hello@FablingBuilt.com or call us at 804-822-2625 to request a consultation.