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Hi, I'm Casey Fabling

Casey has spent the last 14+ years learning how to transition from being a prisoner to his work into a leader in his industry, his company, his family, and his life.

Early on, Casey learned the value of hard work and family. His best friend’s dad was a contractor, and he watched the owner get up early, stay up late, work through bad weather, and STILL prioritize his family. He was at dinner, on the sidelines at soccer games, and in his children’s lives. Sometimes he was covered in sawdust and mud, but he was always there.

Casey worked for his construction company through high school and college. After graduating in 2008, when the market fell apart and not finding a job that used his costly college degree, Casey went back to construction and what he knew could pay the bills. He worked where he could through his 20s while starting a family, and even though he had seen the core values and principles displayed, his family and his life always came last.

About Fabling Built

Finally starting Fabling Built on his 30th birthday, with $100 in his pocket, Casey soon learned the importance of building a team.

Along the way, there have been many exciting highs and brutal lows. At each step, he learned hard lessons and developed partnerships with people he could trust to guide him and his team. 

Now, not just his family but also every family his work impacts has an improved home and more balanced life. 

Casey is currently leading the most amazing team of construction professionals, with a proven track record of exponential year-over-year growth.

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Here’s What Our Customers Say…

For us, it is an honor and a joy to improve our clients' lives. You can read their reviews below to find out what they thought about working with us.


Had a fantastic experience with Fabling Built for a small project repairing and replacing flooring in our laundry closet. Isaac Christian and Andrew were all very professional and highly responsive and communicative. Would definitely contact them again.

- Alex G.

Response from the owner
Thank you Alex for trusting us with your home, we look forward to the pleasure working with you again!

This class A contractor consistently delivers timely and with great quality. They are reasonable and highly responsive. They’ve done an excellent job on both of my projects and I highly recommend them.

- Allana J.

Response from the owner
Thank you Allana, it’s been a joy working with you on your projects!

I just had another great experience with Fabling Built while they built my dream shed. From the initial design with Casey Fabling to the daily creative flair of Sean Fabling and his team, I have never had any other general contractor understand my needs the way they have. They’re skilled at their jobs and they create true (functional) art. Looking forward to our next project

- Sharon P.

Response from the owner

Thank you so much for trusting us with your vision Sharon. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you on this project!

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