Popular Exterior Renovations to Create the Perfect Outdoor Living Space

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You can create your perfect outdoor living space

Do the warmer weather and long sunny days have you longing for the perfect place to kick back and soak it all in? Your summer oasis might be closer than you think! Take a peek into your own backyard and let your imagination lead the way! Your outdoor living space possibilities are endless and are far easier when you’ve got a partner to help you along the way. 

How long have you been thinking about your outdoor renovation? Did you buy your house because of its potential? Or have your needs changed, and now you need to make some changes to adapt? Whether you are a new homeowner or you’ve spent years building a place you love, having beautiful and functional outdoor space is a must. Dream big! – We would love to help make your dream a reality! Now is the perfect time to plan your outdoor renovation and make your home your top summer escape destination.

The first step to planning your exterior remodeling project is, of course, to figure out what you want the end result to look like and how you need it to function. You may have an existing patio, deck, or other outdoor space that just needs to be repaired and refreshed, or you may be considering building an entirely new outdoor feature. We’ve seen it all because we’ve done it all, and we can use our experience and expertise to help drive your inspiration for your outdoor living space. Here are some examples of popular exterior renovation projects we have been working on with local homeowners.

Screen Porch Addition

Screen porch additions are a common renovation in this area, as we experience all four seasons, and we still have to share our outdoor living areas with bugs, pollen, and rain. We can convert your existing deck or design and build a whole new area. Screen porches are a great place to incorporate lighting, fans, or even a fireplace or heaters so it can be an enjoyable space all year long. Screen porches are a great way to extend your current indoor living space to the great outdoors. You’ll feel like royalty when you’re enjoying a beautiful sunset from your new screen porch – bug-free!

Patio, Deck, and Pergola

Sometimes all you need is a nice relaxing place to set up some comfortable furniture so you and your family can sit and relax. These spaces can vary from simple to very elaborate, depending on the features you are looking for. A deck may be the perfect solution if your home entrance is elevated, or if you want to create multiple levels of entertaining space. These can be built from pressure-treated wood and, with proper maintenance and care, will last for years to come. We can also help you with several low-maintenance deck finishes, such as composite decking, and vinyl or aluminum railing. Finally, we love having fun with the finishes, things like patterns in the decking, or steel cable rails.

A patio is an extremely durable surface, perfect for flat areas, or if you plan to incorporate fire and water features. When finished, a patio may include stamped or stained concrete, stone, or pavers. Pavers provide the most consistent finish, and we can have the most flexibility and options with pavers. Once we’ve built the patio or deck, it’s time for the fun part! This is where we help you put together all of the pieces of your vision: the furniture, the lighting, the ambiance, and the fun features, like that big new grill or bubbly hot tub. As an added bonus, a patio is easier to maintain than a large lawn, so you’ll have more time to spend living your best life in your new paradise.

If you’re looking to add a little shade to your outdoor living space, a pergola could be the perfect addition! They go by many names: portico, pavilion, canopy, or gazebo. These structures provide a strong aesthetic element to break up a big flat area, and you can install lighting, fans, heaters, and or even grow plants on them. Once you string up your cheerful multi-colored lights, you might decide they’re staying up all year long!


While we are not a pool contractor, we love working with homeowners to make sure their new pool flows with their yard. If you already have a pool, we can help upgrade the space around it to make it not only a more functional outdoor living area, but a stunning one that your family and friends will love and your neighbors will envy. Adding a patio or deck around your pool area reduces your lawn maintenance so you can spend more time stretched out on a chaise lounge by the pool with a drink, soaking up the sun! 

Fire and Water Features

Whether they are an accent feature of your backyard renovation or they are the reason for the renovation, fire and water features are amazing additions to your outdoor living renovation. They bring energy, sound, warmth, and additional function to any outdoor space. For example, a water feature such as a fountain or waterfall can really boost the aesthetic of your outdoor living area while the sound of the falling water creates a calming oasis. Also, adding a fire pit or an outdoor fireplace can extend your use of your outdoor living space into the cooler months. Who doesn’t love making s’mores over a campfire on a chilly fall evening?

Outdoor Kitchen

Many people love to cook, and social gatherings are often based around food. When it gets hot outside and the A/C is struggling to keep the interior of our homes cool enough, having the option to prepare food outside is nothing short of a dream. Just like your tastes in food, an outdoor kitchen can be simple or complex. Are you happiest eating a simple, perfectly-cooked cheeseburger, or is a juicy ribeye more your style? Whether your vision is a simple grilling station with a nice outdoor dining area to seat the whole family, or something more luxurious and upscale, we can help you with custom renovations. The Joneses will start trying to keep up with you once they see your amazing new outdoor kitchen! 

Exterior Renovations

Sometimes we don’t really notice damage or wear and tear to the exterior of our homes until we start thinking about pursuing an exterior remodeling project. All of a sudden, every little detail is jumping out – siding, paint, roofing, you name it. We can help with making needed repairs, removing eyesores, and performing general maintenance so you can be proud of your home’s exterior.

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is so important for the exterior of any home. Just like any first impression, we want to make sure it’s a good one. There are many upgrades available to boost your curb appeal, including upgrading your front door, stoop, and walkways, to freshening the front of your home, because we want you to smile and feel proud every time you pull up to your beautiful home.


While it may seem outside the realm of construction, it is important to consider what is going to be growing in your outdoor living area. Are you picturing brightly colored flowers, privacy shrubs, or maybe some kind of climbing vines for a more charming cottage-like feel? We are not planting experts, so we will connect you with one of our landscaping specialists to bring your vision for your outdoor living area to life.