Happy Thanksgiving From Fabling Built

Serving the Greater Richmond area since 2016 | Over 100+ projects completed in 2021 alone

We are so thankful for our customers, our partners, and our team members. Thank you for being a part of our year!

Here are some favorite Thanksgiving memories that our team members wanted to share:

Margy Fabling, Director of First Impressions

“My favorite part of Thanksgiving every year, is getting up very early in the morning to make my grandmother’s dressing recipe for the turkey. It has always been a very special family tradition. I helped my Grandma and my Mom make it using a grinder that was attached to the table with a clamp! The invention of the blender changed the process, but the love and attention are still the most important ingredients! My daughters have all learned to make it, and last year my two sons-in-law, James and Garrett were right there to help and learn. The sweetest yet, was last year when my little granddaughter Eliza helped for the very first time! To see her little hands tearing the bread, for a recipe that was drafted at least five generations before she was born, is a priceless memory for me. I could feel my Grandma and Mom were smiling down on us.”

Christian Hinson, Sales

“Thanksgiving is a great time to realize everything you are grateful for. I am most grateful for my family and all of my great friends. Every year my friends and I will throw a “Friendsgiving” where we all just get together, eat food, and have a good time. I cherish these Friendsgivings because I realize as we get older we don’t all see each other as much as we used to, so it’s nice to have everyone together again. Seeing my family members that I don’t get to see as much as I’d like is also a big plus. Thanksgiving is just a great holiday to spend time with loved ones.”

Sean Fabling, Foreman

“Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday. I love the family time together. I come from a big family (6 siblings) and we’re all foodies who come from a long line of foodies. I love how everyone brings the meal together, each element delicious and part of an amazing feast. One of my favorite things is the first leftover sandwich. Thanksgiving dinner between two slices of bread. Hard to beat. The best part though is the time together.”

Casey Fabling, Owner

Owner Headshot

“I am grateful for good people in my life. First, I have some of the best team members working with me here at Fabling Built. I have seen each of them go above and beyond to take the best care with our customers and their homes. Besides the fact that I am actually related to a couple of them, they also respect and honor each other like a healthy family. It makes coming to work much more enjoyable.

I am also thankful for community and good friends, which seems to become more rare each year. Life is better with good people to share it with.

Finally, I am grateful for Adrienne, my wife and business partner. Whether we are learning how to better raise our four children, working through solutions for the business, or going on adventures. With her, I am learning how to live life well, and I’m excited about our future life together.”

Happy Thanksgiving!