Kitchen Design Trends We Can’t Get Enough Of

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RVA Kitchen Design Trends 

Do you stay up-to-date on home remodeling and home design trends? Home design trends are fun, and some may even be a little out there.

However, as one of Richmond’s best kitchen contractors, we talk to many RVA homeowners that want to incorporate some kitchen design trends, but also want to ensure that their kitchen remodel will withstand the test of time. 

We’re sharing some kitchen design ideas and trends that we’re seeing lately, and how you can incorporate them without going overboard!  

Custom Kitchen Appliances by Cafe Appliances

Dare we ask if you’ve ever seen a prettier appliance?? These gorgeous appliances from Cafe Appliances take your RVA kitchen renovation to the next level. 

If you’re looking to add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen remodel, we highly recommend checking out their appliances. If you’re looking for a classic look, stainless steel appliances are always a safe bet! 

Navy Kitchen Cabinets

Remember when white cabinets were the hot, new kitchen design trend? (Ok, who are we fooling, they are still really popular). However, navy blue kitchen cabinets are gaining popularity. 

Love the color, but not ready to completely commit? Try navy blue cabinets on your kitchen island and keep the white cabinets on the perimeter. This mismatched look is gaining popularity, plus it’s easier to just change your island cabinets should you decide you want all cabinet colors to be the same. 

Open Shelving Kitchen Design

Open kitchen shelving has been gaining popularity in RVA! And with the right kitchen design, we absolutely love it! 

This new approach to kitchen organization creates a certain openness that traditional closed shelving does not. We know this trend isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay! If you prefer to keep your kitchenware hidden behind closed cabinets, we support that too!

Kitchen Design Trend Tips

Our professional home design and remodeling team have seen a lot of trends throughout the years. Many have come and gone, and some have lasted over the years. When considering incorporating trends into your kitchen remodel, consider the following: 

  • Keep trends to a minimum – don’t overdo it! Trends will come and go. If you’re on the fence about a kitchen design trend, we recommend incorporating trendy touches in low commitment areas such as paint color.
  • Keep the trendy parts simple but be bold – for example, keep the kitchen walls white but do a bold art wall on one end. Adding a pop of color draws the eye but if in a year you grow tired of it, change it up. 
  • If you’re on the fence, try out trends in a way that won’t be too expensive. You can switch out wall paint, wallpaper, hardware and knobs, and lighting fixtures at a fraction of the cost when they become dated– keeping you trendy but also understanding the limited lifespan of certain trends (wallpaper, for example, is in again, but was out for about a decade!). 
  • Classic never goes out of trend – if you stick with traditional materials and a high-end, functional design, then adding splashy decorative touches and trendy looks can give you the edge and personal drama you’re looking for — but which you can then switch out next year. 

RVA Kitchen Contractors: Designing Your Dream Kitchen 

Good design never goes out of style. The best kitchen designs start with classic, well-designed cabinetry, flooring and trim details. Whether the design is modern, traditional or contemporary, a beautifully laid out kitchen design will be fashionable forever.  

We love helping our customers explore their options and unique design style. As we go through this kitchen remodeling journey together, you may even realize you enjoy certain trends more than you thought! Contact us to get started on your kitchen remodel. 

Our highly skilled team is here to help make your kitchen design dreams a reality. Contact us at 804-822-2625 or email us at to begin exploring your kitchen design ideas. We can’t wait to get started!