Kitchen Remodel: Home Organization & Kitchen Storage Tips

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Has a kitchen remodel been on your vision board for a while? We have many customers who want to update their kitchen for a variety of reasons – better use of space and flow, more updated look and feel, and, a lot of the time, an organized space that works for their family. Achieving the best kitchen organization and storage can be accomplished with a kitchen remodel, but before that even begins, it’s important to mentally map out how you want your kitchen to meet your needs. We sat down with Fabling Built Designer, Chrissy Glick, to get all of the best kitchen organization tips to share with you:

Kitchen Organization 

Think about what you’ve got in your kitchen currently. Do you have a lot of mugs, decorative pieces, holiday dishes? Or do you have a house full of teens that require a large pantry for food storage? Chrissy says: “It’s important to think of the big picture before launching into a kitchen organization project or remodel. If you can identify your organization goals first, then work backwards, you’ll have a better handle on the specific kitchen organization that you want.”

Here are some of our favorite ideas: 

Use Vertical Space & Treat Your High Quality Pans Like Artwork 

Do you love to cook and do it often? Are your pans five star quality? If so, show them off! We love the idea of a pot rack on a wall, or over the kitchen island – not only does it make your access to your pots and pans easier, it provides visual appeal and frees up space in your cabinets that can be used for other storage. 

Install Kitchen Cabinet Tools 

Gone are the days of kitchenware just being shoved into cabinets every which way. So many tools exist to make your cabinets work better for your kitchen organization. Spice racks can be installed on inner cabinet doors. Lazy Susans are now installed with pull out capabilities that fit better. Interior cabinet shelving makes good use of space that would otherwise be wasted. Think creatively about the items you’re storing and how they might best fit. 

Take Advantage of Drawers

Using drawers (especially in smaller spaces) is a great way to organize your kitchen. Many drawers are now able to be designed with different depths to store plates, utensils, pans, etc. The better use of horizontal storage gives you a lot of ways to keep a handle on your items, the side benefit being that you will always have a designated spot for everything. 

Transform Unused Kitchen Space

An otherwise unused space, like a tiny closet or pantry, may also be improved to add considerable extra kitchen organization. We can convert it into a coffee bar or adult beverage station. The extra space could also be used to park your less-used or very-large appliances. Hiding away items that normally take up counter space gives your kitchen a more streamlined overall appearance as well. 

Invest In Good Organizational Items

We love organizational items, and there are so many in the marketplace to choose from. Have some fun browsing home stores to find items that are both appealing to your aesthetics as well as helpful to your kitchen organization. “Make your drawers and cabinets as pretty on the inside as they are on the outside,” says Designer, Chrissy Glick. If you’re happy with how it looks, it’ll give you peace of mind as well as better organizational tools!

Kitchen Remodeling Contractors in Richmond, Virginia

If you’ve been considering a kitchen remodel, now might be the perfect time to begin. Take out that kitchen remodeling vision board and jot down your top kitchen organizational needs, then contact us by phone, 804-822-2625 or email, for a free consultation and estimate. We’d love to make your new kitchen a reality!