Kitchen Remodeling in Richmond

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Before and After Home Remodel in Richmond, VA

Has this ever happened to you before? Where something small leads to a huge change that makes you love your home even more than before? It started when the homeowners started looking for a new fridge, but then they thought, “I really hate where the fridge is, where could we move it?”  They knew that new kitchen appliances weren’t the solution, it was time to make a big change. They were ready to renovate!

One of the great things about working on older homes is, someone in the neighborhood has probably already renovated and found a solution that may work for your home.  The homeowners showed us a photo of a neighbors home and asked, “Can we do that too”? Yes, we can! We’re eager to validate your ideas as opposed to telling you what you can and can’t do!

We worked closely with the homeowner on their kitchen design vision of incorporating a simple and classic design in their kitchen remodel to reflect the existing architecture of the home.  In addition to a simple and classic design, the homeowner wanted to include both modern and earthy elements. The end result? Thrilled owners of a beautiful, functional kitchen that perfectly fits their everyday lifestyle.

Open, Functional Kitchen Design Ideas

This family loves to cook, and we knew we needed to create a space that encouraged that.  They were always spending time together in the old kitchen, but they couldn’t fit! The original kitchen was designed decades ago, and it was a very small space. They lacked the needed counter space, and the kitchen’s floor plan did not have that coveted “kitchen work triangle”.  

The newly remodeled kitchen space provided a more open and clean atmosphere. It is now more central to the home, it opened up the room and improved the flow, making it that ideal hang-out place again!  Of course, this was not a simple task. This involved moving all the plumbing from one side of the house to the other, and we had to remove some windows to use the wall space for kitchen cabinets. We repurposed a couple of the existing windows in new areas to bring in more light and keep with the style of the home.

This kitchen renovation in Richmond included new white cabinets, a large island with seating, and open kitchen shelving.  We also wrapped the main support beam to give it an antique appearance that would match the home. The beams, shelves, and kitchen island countertop were all custom made with red oak wood and stained in special walnut, which brought in the homeowner’s requested earthy element.  The open shelving was installed into the kitchen’s backsplash subway tile, creating a floating shelf look. Adding a lighter colored grout to the subway tile was an excellent finishing touch to the aesthetic modern element of the kitchen remodel.

Richmond Virginia Kitchen Remodelers

The final product of this Richmond kitchen remodel is absolutely stunning and wouldn’t have been possible without the help from our local RVA friends at Best Stone (cabinets and stone tops), Genuine Timbercraft (wood island top) and Hasenfang Design (cabinet install and custom trim)!  This new floor plan provides the essential open and functional aspects to reflect the homeowners desire to match their existing style.  

At Fabling Built, we strive to work with you to meet your home renovation and design needs, budget, and timeframe. Are you ready to renovate your Richmond home? Contact us today at or call 804-822-2625.