How to Prepare for Your Bathroom Remodel

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Six simple ways to prepare for your bathroom remodel.

We all need a calm relaxing oasis in our home where we can take a break and enjoy some “me time.” For many of us, that place is the bathroom, and for some of us, this means it’s time for a bathroom remodel. There’s no better “me time” than a soothing bubble bath (perhaps with a delicious beverage in hand and some candles) to change our body temperature and mood, just as a refreshing shower can revive us first thing in the morning or after exercising.

Whether you are considering a bathroom remodel for yourself, your growing teenager, or your extended family moving in, Fabling Built is Richmond’s premier home remodeling contractor and is experienced in guiding customers through the process of a bathroom remodel with ease and precision.

If you are wondering when the best time is to remodel your bathroom, Fabling Built says “Anytime!” Consider the following first steps to best prepare and to help you stay within your budget and on schedule with your bathroom remodel:

  • Save design inspiration that you love
  • Establish a realistic budget
  • Find a bathroom contractor
  • Evaluate communication styles
  • Prepare for the renovation
  • Make smart selections

Save Design Inspiration That You Love

You’ve made up your mind to remodel your bathroom. Now, suddenly you are seeing bathroom design inspo everywhere! From your Instagram feed, to a friend on Facebook who is documenting their renovation, you just can’t seem to escape all of the design ideas that come with a new bathroom renovation. This is so exciting, but can also feel overwhelming. Some homeowners know exactly what they are looking for in their bathroom design, while others need some additional time to consider their options. The designers that Fabling Built work with can help you navigate this process, so don’t let the countless design options overwhelm you. 

Fabling Built recommends keeping a visual design board, whether it be on Houzz, Pinterest, or good ole fashioned magazine clippings, of every bathroom design aspect that you like. This will help you and your general contractor to be on the same page as you start the conversation about your bathroom design.

Establish a Realistic Budget

Your bathroom remodeling budget is very important, and it is equally important to be on the same page with your bathroom contractor about your budget. Fabling Built has an introduction process to deliver design and remodeling options that are tailored to your renovation budget. 

When you are determining your budget, keep in mind the must-haves vs. the nice-to-haves. This will help you throughout the process, and you can always get your contractor’s opinion on which bathroom selections are worth the splurge/extra investment.

Find a Bathroom Renovation Contractor

Use a licensed, insured contractor with a solid reputation for positive results and customer satisfaction. Check out online reviews, browse the contractor’s website, and call any references when they are provided. The timeline for a bathroom renovation tends to be a little longer than most people hope, but it also depends on the type of bathroom renovation. Nonetheless, you need to choose a bathroom contractor that you feel is the best fit for you.

Communication is Key

When interviewing bathroom contractors, listen carefully to the exchange between you and the contractors you are considering.  Even the smoothest and well-prepared remodeling projects can be filled with emotions, especially if this is the first renovation you are undertaking, or if there is a time-sensitive requirement.  There are highs and lows – when the bathroom tile arrives and is installed, emotions and excitement are elevated because you visually see progress, but when the project is delayed due to something like the bathroom vanity arriving damaged or unexpected manufacturing delays – you may feel less than enthusiastic, despite knowing you are in the best hands.  

Assess whether you feel comfortable with the communication style and attitude of the project manager and team. How will the project manager handle and respond to your concerns? Is the project manager a can-do, solution-oriented problem solver? Are you both on the same page about style, whether that design is traditional, transitional, contemporary, or mid-century, etc.? This will help you understand how your vision will come to life in the project manager’s head and hands.

Have a Plan For During The Bathroom Renovation

Since there is usually more than one bathroom, or at least an additional sink in the home, remodeling a bathroom is usually more of an isolated project than a kitchen remodels, so it is usually less disruptive on the rest of the household’s daily activities while it is in progress. However, it is important to understand how a bathroom remodel will affect your morning routine and the privacy you are accustomed to having. Make sure to have a plan for how and where you will shower and get ready during the bathroom remodeling project. 

Understand Your Renovation Timeline

Bathroom renovation project timelines tend to take a little longer than people hope they will. There are a lot of pieces to the project, and the more elaborate the bathroom remodel, the longer the timeline. Bathroom renovations involve a big team of experts – designers, demolition teams, construction and installation crews, plumbers, electricians, drywall and mudding crews, painters, tilers, and cleaning crews. One consistent project manager and foreman will serve as the point-of-contact and liaison between the homeowner and all the professionals completing the work, including scheduling the timeline for each requirement, delivery, work, and expert.   

Here are some important are some dates to factor into your daily activity within the timeline of key bathroom remodeling components: demolition day, where there is a lot of banging and hauling waste out of your house; plumbing, where the water will need to be turned off for a few hours; and tile installation, where there tends to be a lot of movement in and out to cut the tile outside so we can minimize the dust in your home. 

Fabling Built protects the space as they enter and exit covers air return ducts to keep dust isolated and covers the flooring on the path used for easy access to getting in and out of the home most efficiently. Because older tiled bathrooms tend to have a lot of wall tile and concrete that must come up, this is a good day to be out of the home if possible or tucked away in a quieter space. 

If you are planning on remodeling more than one bathroom, you can save time and money when you renovate them at the same time.  However, you will need to assess whether you can still manage your daily tasks with limited bathrooms.

Make Smart Selections

Your selections will depend on the size of the space as well as your personal style, budget, and what is important to you.  Some spouses are insistent on separate sinks in a vanity while others much prefer a freestanding tub not associated with the shower because it helps with cleanliness, usage, and design, although it does take up more square footage.  Fabling Built’s project managers have a lot of experience helping customers determine priorities and find the anchor of what’s most important to a functional and stylish bathroom ensuite given its size and your priorities.  

Fabling Built’s team has a history of working closely with its customers to help them with their selections and to ensure they fit the style of their home and complement a cohesiveness in design.  We like to understand the big picture of what the home owner’s goal is for the entire home and design style throughout.  Some customers go all in and choose structural selections specific to their personalities and likes, while others tend to be more cautious and choose neutral-colored tile, flooring, and paint complimented with non-permanent decor choices for colors and textures because they plan to eventually move.

Richmond’s Bathroom Contractor

You are in good hands when working with Fabling Built. Our team of design and construction professionals will be with you every step of the way and guide you through the decision-making process when needed. Send us an email at or call 804-822-2625 to get started.

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Six Simple Ways to Prepare for Your Bathroom Remodel Infographic