Three Projects To Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Space

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Getting out of our homes and into the fresh air where we can enjoy our outdoor living spaces is something we’re all looking forward to a little more this year. Who agrees with me? However, as the weather here in RVA starts to warm up, rather than spending time at parks, hiking, going to concerts, and doing other typical outdoor fun, we keep hearing that customers are spending that time in their yard, or garden.

Homeowners are looking for ways to upgrade their home exterior and making it a better and more usable space to hang out with friends and family. We understand, and we want to share with you some ideas that can help your outdoor living space look and feel like you’ve always wanted, for now, and the years ahead. 

With that in mind, here are three exterior home remodel projects that are popular with your neighbors.

Portico Renovations

Is your portico lacking the charm that the rest of your Richmond home has to offer? We can help! We love a good portico renovation! Defined officially as, “a structure consisting of a roof supported by columns at regular intervals, typically attached as a porch to a building,” a portico can add character and charm to the front of your home, as well as additional seating for visitors as they enter your front door.

Typically not as large as a full porch (which could be extended to completely wrap around your home’s perimeter), a portico is a smaller, yet incredibly unique way to increase your home’s curb appeal. A portico also adds functionality as it protects you, and guests, from the weather as they wait to enter your home. 

If you don’t want to block out all the light, and enjoy seeing the sky above you, consider adding a Pergola. It can still provide significant shade, but will allow some light to pass through.

Deck and Porch Renovations and Additions

Perhaps you have a deck or a porch at home, but, you’d like to upgrade to a better quality version or add some new features, like more secure railings or a porch swing. Fabling Built can take on any deck or porch renovation to make your outdoor living space as comfortable and functional as possible. It’s important that your deck is installed with safety in mind, and that it’s built with a secure foundation that can hold up to movement and weight, as well as anything you store on it. Decks can be built with wood or fabricated materials, but in either case, it’s important that your deck is sealed and weather-treated to withstand the elements. 

Don’t have a pre-existing deck? No problem! We’ve worked in many neighborhoods that have plenty of space for a deck, but was not a part of the builders plans. If the space already exists, capitalize on it and consider adding a deck for your family to enjoy.

If the front of your home could use an upgrade, and you don’t already have one, consider adding a porch! We can work with your space restrictions, if there are any, and add on a covered porch so that you can truly enjoy a spring evening on a pair of rocking chairs, for example.  

Outdoor Living Upgrades & Entertainment Areas

The nice part about spring is the beautiful weather. So why not up level your outdoor space to make it not only a space to grill out and have a meal, but also space for an evening hanging out with family, making s’mores, listening to music, and just generally enjoying the time you have together? 

Outdoor fireplaces provide a lovely place to sit together and enjoy a warm fire on a spring, summer or fall evening! It’s important to think through how you’ll be using the space as well – if you have young children, perhaps something with more security in mind would work better. 

Updating your outdoor space as an entertainment area? Yes, please! Consider having benches built in, or perhaps other seating like a permanent picnic table. Could your space use an outdoor drink fridge or a bar area with storage and running water? Also, we love adding in stereo or speaker systems to add some music to our entertainment spaces – and these days, with everything being controlled from our Smartphones, turning music on or off is incredibly easy. 

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Upgrading your outdoor living space can be an exciting change for your family to be able to enjoy your home even more. Contact us at or call 804-822-2625 to talk to our experts about how we can take your home’s exterior to the next level.